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A Whole New Chapter

So, here we are. If you’d have asked me 10 years ago whether I could see myself quitting an unfulfilling but well-paid full-time managerial job and launching myself into the uncertainty of self-employment, I would have positively guffawed! But as I say, here we are!

I can’t tell you the range of emotions that I’ve experienced over the last 12 months, from crippling self-doubt to wanting to holler “I LOVE THIS” at the top of my voice. It has, as they say, been a rollercoaster. Now, finally, I can proudly declare that I am my own boss and have launched my very own business I really can’t wait to embrace this Whole New Chapter.

I love coming back home after being away; that feeling of utter comfort and cocoonment. The Danish call it hygge but the Welsh have a better word - ‘cwtch’ (pronounced kutch). Whether your perfect night in is nestled under a cosy blanket listening to the crackle of a log fire, or slumbered on the sofa binge-watching something on Netflix, our homes are our safety net, a retreat from all the chaos. We close the front door behind us and breathe a sigh of relief… unless the cat has left a pile of goodness-knows-what on the doormat!

I’m not an advocate of a sparkly show-home; I firmly believe that they must be practical as well as timelessly stylish. We want to be able to invite friends and family around for evenings of fun and frivolity without worrying whether Steve will spill a glass of red wine all over that ridiculously expensive Persian rug or dint the newly refurbished parquet floor with his Cuban heel.

I really want to share my passion for good space-planning and great design; I want to be able to help those that don’t have time, think they can’t afford it or aren’t sure where to start. I want to ensure that every house is given the opportunity to become a beautiful, welcoming home.

A cosy nook with a book

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