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How it works

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Before our meeting, consider what you would like to achieve, think about any problems you want addressing, how much you wish to spend on the project and your preferred time-frame; this is the ‘brief’.


At our initial meeting, we will discuss your requirements, review your ideas and learn about your lifestyle. Depending on which services you choose to utilise, we would also take measurements for scale drawings, furniture and lighting layouts plus any photos (with your permission of course).  


From all the information gathered we will propose a scheme and provide a concept board. Clear communication is crucial; from design concept to completion, you choose the extent to which you would like to utilise our services and will be kept informed every step of the way, by whatever means is most suitable for you... text, WhatsApp, e-mail or phone calls.

The fee will be a fixed sum, apart from large projects, which will be discussed in our initial meeting or initial correspondence. In the case of any additional work being required, that will be charged at an hourly rate, up to a pre-agreed maximum. We want to ensure that we are completely transparent with regard to pricing which means no hidden costs or additional fees.


Our aim is for you to be happy with the journey and to be delighted with the outcome 

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