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So Why Hire an Interior Designer?

So, why exactly should you hire an Interior Designer? Not that I’m biased in any way…

If you have never worked with an Interior Designer before, the prospect of doing so maybe a little daunting. Perhaps you have been slightly scarred by the memory of Changing Rooms and some of the garish schemes produced by certain celebrity designers. You may ask yourself what am I committing myself to? How much will it cost? What if I don’t like their style and feel uncomfortable about saying so? Will they be judgemental and condescending? Rest assured, you are the one in control of the whole process and your Interior Designer wants nothing more than a very happy client.

An Interior Designer will undoubtedly be able to save you time and money, in addition to bringing you the beautiful, stylish and comfortable home that you long for… and the outcome will, in all likelihood, add value to your property. It almost sounds too good to be true!

There are many reasons that you may want to hire a professional to help enhance your home; you’re probably far too busy to decorate or renovate, maybe you lack some self-confidence and want to be assured by a second opinion. There could be space-planning or storage issues that need to be solved and you don’t know where to begin. Some people struggle with spatial awareness and being able to envisage a space in anything but it’s current state. And whilst style comes naturally to the lucky few, it isn’t necessarily easy to get a room to come together in terms of scale, proportion, ratio and balance and be able to create that sense of harmony. With more and more homeowners continuing to ‘improve not move’, people are investing more time and money into their homes and want to make the most out of them. This is when you should definitely call upon the skills, knowledge and expertise of an interior designer.

A good Interior Designer will work in consultation with you, listen to your wants and needs, be your problem-solver and will only proceed onto the next stage in the project after receiving your approval. It is their job to improve your way of life by getting the most out of your home, to create great spaces, to help avoid making costly mistakes and to ensure that you stay within your budget. A designer has the experience, training and resources at their fingertips to do all of this; they think differently and see things that you may have overlooked or not have thought of.

There are various ways in which interior designers work, so you can pick and choose your preferred approach. You may just need someone to come to you home for an hour or two and offer some professional advice and ideas; you can discuss colours, furniture, and furnishings, layouts and you may be surprised by how much can be achieved in a small amount of time. You might want to offload the whole thing and arrange for your Interior Designer to organise the complete refurbishment. Or there are now companies online that can offer advice and insight without ever stepping foot in your home.

At taLK interiors we can offer any of the above design services. Personally, I like to build up a bit of a rapport with my clients, but I also understand that there are circumstances where a remote and quick approach is more convenient. The key to success is good, clear communication; clarity with regard to what will be delivered, how long it will take and what it will cost. Find an interior designer that you feel comfortable working with, who understands your vision and together you could create something amazing.

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