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Aaaaah, Autumn...

For clarification, that’s a satisfied sigh not a woeful wail!

I absolutely love this time of year; early morning walks with my dog in the sunshine; a carpet of golden leaves underfoot; a dusting of frost on the fields, pure bliss! Of course, it’s a completely different story if it’s grey and raining, the ground has turned into a quagmire and you’re desperately searching for a dog poop that has disguised itself as a leaf... But let’s just focus on the sunshiny version! It’s the time of year to start hunkering down; order those logs for the fire, dig out your woollies and plump up your cushions.

It’s an all-embracing season for the senses; the smell of woodfire smoke, the warmth of a cashmere scarf, the softness of a hazy morning mist and the silkiness of a shiny new conker. But it’s the colours of autumn that are the real stars of the show, providing us with a delicious visual feast. Leaves turning every shade of gold, amber and russet brown and cascades of bright red berries; they really pop against a bright blue sky and they brighten up a gloomy grey one. Acers are particularly breath-taking, nature’s very own freeze-framed fireworks. And not to be overlooked are the clusters of dainty mushrooms, lacy spiderwebs covered in hoar frost and the delicate starbursts of dried flower-heads that can be found if you’re lucky.

Some of the most beautiful, cosy and timeless interiors take their inspiration from nature. The use of natural materials in our furniture and furnishings really do ‘bring the outdoors in’ and will never go out of style. It’s the simple, clean palette and the mix of textures that are so enticing; the combination of aged oak, squishy wool and grainy linen. It’s the little reassuring imperfections in a reclaimed timber floor, a handwoven jute rug or a chunky knit throw that are so pleasing and characterful. We’re steering more and more towards the originality and quirkiness of handmade art and crafts rather than mass-produced perfection. In contrast to the sleek but stark minimalist schemes, a bit of laid-back luxurious rusticity allows homes really to be lived in and not just looked at.

So, pull on your wellies and immerse yourself in your local park, your nearest National Trust property or arboretum and get inspired by nature. And when you get back, you can fire up the log burner or light some candles, put your feet up and indulge in a glass of velvety Beaujolais. Aaaaah, Autumn.

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